M.I.T 是DHL國際快遞代理商提供完善的運輸方案和您專屬的業務人員, 來為客戶們提供優惠安全的全球DHL快遞服務.全美國各州都可使用, 無區域性或特定代收站限制, 50% 以上價錢折扣. 帳號設立後一切自己快速掌握打單寄件,全球 快遞3-5天門口到門口服務. 可做美國進口與出口到全世界, 免費到府收貨! 帳號申請: info@mitlogisticsllc.com

Total of over 18 years combined experience in logistics among partners žWe provide small and medium-sized businesses with complete shipping services at much lower rates by leveraging the combined volume of all our customers EXPORT AND IMPORT Daily direct flights into and out of the U.S. connect your imports and exports to every corner of the globe. WORLDWIDE COVERAGE DHL provides delivery to 120,000 destinations in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. NO HIDDEN COSTS Our competitive upfront pricing for door-to-door delivery makes costs predictable and easy to manage.

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