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Basic Air Parcel Logistics:
Your shipping cost is the base rate + Fuel Surcharges
Each package’s cost is based on either actual weight or dimensional weight (dim weight or volume weight), whichever is greater. Always round it up to the next number.
Volume / Dimension weight formula:
L X W X H (inches) / 139 = DW in LBS
L X W X H (cm) / 5000 = DW in KGS
For example, if your package is 20.5 lbs actual weight, and dimensions are 10.2 in x 8.5 in x 5.6 in. Round up all numbers. Actual Weight (AW) = 21 lb, Dimensional Weight = 11 in x 9 in x 6 / 139 = 4.2 lb, which need to round up once again so Dimensional Weight (DW) = 5 lb
AW of 21 lb > DW of 5 lb. Price will determined by AW
If there are multiple shipments, each shipments need to compare AW vs DW and sum whichever is higher to all shipments.
Actual Weight = Gross Weight
Dimensional Weight = Volume Weight
*** Shipping costs does not include any duty or tax
*** Airline terminal weigh and measure when goods are tendered

Prohibited Items
The following items will NOT be accepted for carriage by DHL. This list includes items which are prohibited for carriage by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country from, to or through which the items may be carried. For international carriage there may be additional prohibited items specified by the country of destination. DHL may at its sole discretion refuse to carry other items not listed below.

Cash (bank notes, currency notes and coins)
Complete firearms, ammunition, explosives/explosive devices
Human remains or ashes
Illegal goods (these are goods which are considered illegal in the origin, the transit points and/or the destination countries and would include but not be limited to pirated goods, counterfeit goods and narcotics)
Live animals (including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, birds and fish)
Loose precious stones


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