DHL Express

我們提供客人免費代收服務, 請先EMAIL: 了解詳情! 謝謝.

If you an international customer, waiting for parts that are not yet available overseas can take weeks depending on the shipping option. However because many don’t want to pay high shipping fees, they endure the cheapest shipping available, which often doesn’t come with tracking.

I’m pleased to announce that we have partnered with DHL Express to offer a faster and relatively cheaper shipping alternative for our international customers, and one that will often cost as much or less than the 14-day USPS International Priority.

DHL Express is widely known as the biggest international private shipping service available, spanning across the globe and delivering packages securely in as little as 3 to 5 days on average. Items are delivered right to your door (not picking up at the customs office), signed for, and given detailed tracking information every step of the way. DHL will also ship to areas that USPS will not because of recent conditions, such as Russian Federation, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

It’s also widely known that DHL’s express service – as a consumer – can be quite expensive. Our partnership offers relatively deep discounts for shipping via this service.

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